Harry Marsh (Engineers) Ltd


Harry Marsh & Sons Ltd was first established in 1894 as a Blacksmith

The present company was incorporated in 1973 by Mr. Harry Marsh, the son of the original founder, he was also a Blacksmith but diversified into structural steelwork. The company was taken over in 1978 by A.B Coady when financial difficulty was encountered.

The company under the management and full ownership of Mr. Tony Coady quickly established itself as a quality structural fabricator covering predominantly the North East of England but also nationally when required.

We have established a solid client base in North East and this is reinforced with an increasing client base from other areas of the United Kingdom. We have an excellent reputation for quality along with always achieving agreed program targets. This is also complimented with a willingness to work with clients to achieve the most economical commercial conclusions.

In 2004 Harry Marsh ( Engineers ) Ltd realized that in order to continue offering a competitive service it must fully update its facility and manufacturing techniques in order to maintain its market position.

To this end our facility was moved to a 5.3 acre site at Hendon Sunderland and over a million pound was spent in improving the company. This included changing our Drawing Office to a 3D Modeling system ( Tekla ) along with purchasing / installing a fully automated Drill / Saw line, automatic fittings machine along with an automatic blasting machine.

In 2008 the company turned over more than £ 5 million and is now concentrating on maintaining a quality medium size company which can continue to offer a complete structural steel service to all industry sectors in a friendly , cost effective and efficient manner.

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